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About PLUS

Jessica Perez watching a PLUS Snip-It

Who are we?
A Non-Profit professional learning provider meeting the needs of the global community to support personal and professional growth through engaging, on-demand, relevant opportunities and resources at little to no cost to the participant.

Our Background
This Non-Profit was established in 2022. But we come with over 35 years of professional learning, training, coaching, and leading experience in all different learning environments and venues. Our strength is making sure our participants leave with support to grow in their profession.

What is professional learning?
For us, it involves providing engaging professional development, online courses, coaching, meeting facilitation, collaboration, and relevant resources that meet the needs of an individual, team, and system. With a goal of developing a deeper understanding and/or learning new content knowledge and best practices that directly impact their profession or their desire to learn on the topic(s) being delivered.

We Believe…
That professional learning should be fun, engaging, relevant,
collaborative, if that’s your thing, and at your convenience with little
to no cost to you. We also believe that you should get credit for the
opportunities you attend and spend time on. That’s why we are
working hard to offer certificates, credit hours, clock hours, and even
special endorsements across the US for everything we offer. With our experience and research, we have not found any other
company that offers what we are envisioning. As a Non-Profit we can
provide opportunities that ensure our participants always come first!

What People Say

I appreciate when Learning is About ME.


PLUS is willing to help support other Non-Profits and Businesses turn their resources into a course or opportunity for our people.


I learn through collaboration and watching short videos, PLUS has both.


We are looking to connect and grow, so please contact us and let’s begin the discussion.

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